Marty's Renovation

Marty’s is a Newton landmark known for its diverse selection of outstanding wines and gourmet specialty foods from around the world. This reconstruction of the storefront and renovation of the interior will breathe new life into the environment for shopping there. To be completed in several phases allowing continuous operation, the need for expansion required a prolonged effort to obtain the necessary permission from the city. We helped Marty attain the City’s Zoning Department special permit approval through hearings and committee working sessions.

Sustainable Hotel Suite Competition

Mark, working with a+sl studios, is participating in the Sustainable Suite Design Competition, a nationwide competition, the winning design for which will be built as a model guest room to be presented as an educational display for the design industry, hotel owners and brands, and corporate travel executives. We are teaming up with a wide range of consultants and vendors to present a comprehensive solution for greening hotel design.

Our team includes:

Shawmut Design and Construction
Mari Creatini LEED AP
Tom Perry LEED AP
Shayla Prunier

Clivus New England, Inc.
Joe Ducharme

East Southeast Consulting
Jamie Braman

Heather G. Wells Ltd.
Janine Dowling LEED AP

LEEDS Associates
Richard Leeds

Susan Pickett

Sounds Good Corporation
Robin McCune

Wequassett Inn
Steve Slishman

WOO Restaurant construction update

Back at the site today .. no furniture and not all lights were on BUT the space is so amazingly clean I couldn't help but take more photos!